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MiVUE M760D Motorcycle Dual Camera Recording System


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New Release! Due February 2021
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MiVUE 760D Motorcycle Dual Camera Recording System

The Mio MiVUE M760D is the perfect companion for your motorbike. Recording footage front and rear with its dual cameras and a Premium STARVIS™ Low Light Sensor so you can capture any incident in all lighting conditions. The device is IP67 Waterproof designed and has WIFI for real-time viewing and back up. The MiVUE 760D captures the evidence you need when need it.

Features at a Glance:
• Full HD 1080P recording front & rear
• One button emergency recording
• GPS tagged video
• 3-Axis G-sensor
• EZYSHARE video instantly via WIFI
• Wide angle glass lens
• IP67 Waterproof

Ever had a near miss? A car open it’s door on you? A vehicle not check their blind spot and collide with you? Motorbikes can be dangerous because of the other drivers on the road, the MiVUE M760D will be your eyes front and back with a 130◦ wide angle glass lens capturing any incident or near miss, providing you with the proof of who was at fault.

Recording in Full HD 1080P at 30FPS and with the Premium STARVIS™ Low Light Sensor, you will capture crisp footage in all lighting conditions, the 3-Axis G-Sensor and GPS Tagging will stamp your footage with your exact location, time and speed at the time of an incident and the GPS multifunction control box installed on the handle, has a button to activate emergency recording which will lock your file immediately to prevent files from being overwritten.

With EZYSHARE Instantly via WIFI you can view in real-time and share via the MiVUE Pro mobile app.

The MiVUE M760D is IP67 waterproof, has a metal casing and full glass lenses so you can be assured it will be your perfect riding companion in all weather conditions.

Sample Footage:
Night Time – Actual footage with dual cameras

1. Full HD 1080P Recording Front and Rear
• Capture the incident with high quality 1080P 30FPS video recording for better quality evidence.
2. One Button Emergency Recording
• Through the GPS multifunction control box installed on the handle, a button can be pressed to activate emergency recording, to prevent files from being overwritten.
3. GPS Tagged Video
• Track your position wherever you go. The built-in high sensitivity GPS receiver automatically records your driving information including location, direction and speed.
4. 3-Axis G-Sensor
• The 3-Axis G-Sensor, in the event of a collision shows the direction the impact came from, providing more information on how an impact happened.
5. EZYSHARE Instantly via WIFI
• Records the event and automatically sends the footage to your smart phone via WIFI.
• In the instance that you are not connected via WIFI to your smart phone, the event will store on the camera and upload automatically when you are next connected for back up or to share your experiences on social media via the MiVUE Pro app.
6. Wide Angle Glass Lens
• Both cameras have a 130o wide angle for capturing every detail on the road. The high quality glass lens lets more light in and delivers a sharper image.
7. IP67 Waterproof
• Made with a metal casing and fortified glass lenses, the MiVUE M760D is IP67 waterproof perfect for any weather condition.

Package Contents:
• MiVUE M760D unit
• 32GD microSD Card
• 12V Waterproof Power Cable Set
• Cable ties set
• Front Cam Signal Extension Cable (1.5m)
• Rear Cam Signal Extension Cable (1.5m)
• 3M Buckle
• 2x Optional Camera Mount Adapters

User Manual:
MiVUE 760D

2 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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