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Please select your model of Aprilia motorcycle from the menu below. Some motorcycle models have multiple mount options to allow you to choose the best location to suit your riding needs. Please contact us on [email protected] if you do not see your motorcycle model listed and we will do our utmost to find a solution for you.

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  • Replacement Metric S-R1 & R-1 M8 Riser Hardware


    Replacement Metric S-R1 & R-1 M8 Riser Hardware


    Metric Riser Replacement Hardware for S-R1 & R-1 Triple Clamp GPS Mounts This pack contains replacement riser hardware and M8 metric bolts for mounting a S-R1 or R-1 to a compatible metric motorcycle. This pack is ideal if you have changed...

  • MotoGPS 14mm Hexagonal GTM14 Stem GPS Mount


    GTM14 Hexagonal Steering Stem GPS Mount


    GTM14 Hexagonal Steering Stem Motorcycle GPS Mount The GTM14 uses an expanding collar to lock into the hollow hexagonal steering stem on selected motorcycles making it easy to install and remove as required. The mount is centrally located between the...

  • MotoGPS 22ST1 Handlebar Mount


    22mm (7/8") Handlebar Clamp GPS Mount


    22ST1 22mm Handlebar Motorcycle GPS Mount The 22ST1 clamp suits handlebars with a diameter of 22mm (7/8"). This mount features a compact single clamp making it ideal for different installation positions along the handlebar. This mount is fully...